Re: Wax-Sections

From:Connie McManus <>


I don't know what you do with your slides once you have mounted sections
on them, but what I do is... 
	1.  allow the slides to stand on their edges on paper toweling to let
all water drain off and absorb into the towel.  Do not lay them flat.
	2.   wick away water trapped beneath the section.  I take a small piece
of paper toweling (cut into 5mm squares), twist it into a long, straight
thing, poke it into the paraffin margin around the tissue and let it
absorb the water trapped under the section
	3.  Let slides dry overnight, or longer, at 45 C.

I have never had any problem with tissues comming off when I do this. 
This is a bit more fussy than usual, but recuts are more time

Connie McManus

"Alice Czarnetzki, AOE" wrote:
> dear histonet-group,
> i am a beginner in doing wax-sections from collembola (insects of 1
> mm length) to do an in situ hybridization afterwards.
> i already used super-frost-plus and silane coated slides, but i
> always have the problem of loosing parts of tissue.
> can anybody help me to solve this problem.
> bis bald alice


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