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"Flores, Teresa" wrote:

> Colleagues, does anyone know of a similar film (Fuji ?) for Kodak Technical
> Pan Film 120? Ours has been on backorder close to a month and now we are
> being informed that not until tomorrow, maybe, may film arrive. Our TP120
> is being used for the Zeiss EM 109. Many thanks for any responses Teresa

    Rather than find another film/developer combination (with experimentation
for correct exposure, aggravation, etc.), try another vendor for Tech Pan. Any
professional camera store should have at least a dozen rolls in stock. B&H
Photo and Video in New York City and Calumet in Chicago come to mind. They have
800 numbers for ordering and can ship overnight if you are in a real bind. Even
if it is not in stock they can have Kodak ship a 'brick' (20 rolls I think)
directly to you.
    Kodak TMax 100 is a fine-grain B&W film that would be, I think, the closest
substititute. It does not have as much contrast as Tech Pan and I don't know
how well it works with whatever developer you are using.  Call Kodak
(1-800-242-2424) and see what they recommend.
    Finding an alternate source for Tech Pan would be simpler than
reconfiguring your exposure/film/development protocol.

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