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We demoed a number of immunostainers in 1999 and decided on the Optimax as
the best of the bunch. We took delivery of it November 2000. We don't do a
great number of immunos, varies from 30-60 a week, and the machine only
dropped a pipette once. It is otherwise very reliable and once set up, easy
to program runs. Works a treat with Biogenex liquid DAB which is stable for
up to 8 hours.

Bob Quilty
Dept of Neuropathology
Frenchay Hospital
Bristol, UK.

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Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 12:01 PM
Subject: Immunostainer

> 30/04/01
> Anyone out there with an opinion/comment to make about either the Optimax
> the Labvision immunostainer's as both companies have tendered to supply us
> with an immunostainer as well Ventana.
> many thanks
> Liam Brennan
> Histopathology Dept.
> Belfast City Hospital

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