Re: Hartman's Fixative

The name "Hartmann's fixative" was applied to Davidson's fixative when Bill 
Hartmann (who now heads up the American Board of Pathology) introduced it at 
Johns Hopkins around 1960, at the behest of medical geneticist Victor 
McCusick (who was later chair of medicine at Johns Hopkins), who wanted to 
repeat the work of Moore and Barr in demonstrating sex chromatin bodies in 
human tissue. The fixative gradually came into much wider use there, 
particularly by the gynecologic pathologists (Dr. Donald Woodruff's service) 
who replaced the truly bizarre Vandegrift's fixative with it. I don't know 
what Dr. Hartmann's present feelings about it are, but I see no reason to 
apply his name to Davidson's fixative, since he quite explicitly took it from 
a published work and put it into the exact use that was specified for it.

There's an account of this on my Web site at

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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