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This is a modified Weigert's elastin stain.
I would recommend Hart's elastin stain that is 10% Weigert's in acid alcohol. Stain 4 hrs to overnight. Even the finest fibers are shown and background is virtually absent. No differentiation needed.
I am in the middle of preparing histology exam but will dig out the formula etc. if you need it.
Barry wrote:

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> Subject: ? about special elastic stain
> Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 13:01:32 EDT
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> Hello Histonet's
> Has anyone in research ever done a stain called or written by G.Godeau. The stain is used for Selective staining technique for identification of human elastic fibers. Materials used and Methods are, Tannnic Acid,Basic Fuchsin,Ferric Chloride. Also to make this stain up you have to boil ethanol after the Alc has cooled you add HCL. The stain takes 4 hrs. I beleive the Doctor found this in "Pathologie Biologie Mars 1984"
> is on the copy that he gave me.
> Don't laugh we are a research lab. I guess that is way
> the doctors look for stains that are from Mars. LOL.
> Anyway has anyone in research ever done this stain? The doctor is looking for a stain that shows elastic fibers with no background stain.
> Thank you so much
> Sandi Miller HT
> USAMRICD Research
> Maryland

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