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Regarding Elmer's glue, the presence of bacteria is disturbing.

Bacteria grow in hot springs, in cold temperature (in refrigerator of 4C)
and also on crude oil in Ocean.
But it is new to me that bacteria grow in a highly viscous environment, like
in Elmer's glue.  As you know, Elmer's glue is extremely viscous with very
little water which is a necessity for any life.  To me, it does not make any
sense that any life can grow in the glue.

I am wondering whether finding of bacteria in Elmer's glue is nothing but a


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I didn't mean to say anything to make those who like using elmer's
insulted or demeaned.  I appologize!  If anyone likes it and can use
it... great!  I just don't particularly like using it and find silinated
slides better.

Just my 2 cents worth... not wroth!  *G*

Connie McManus

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