Re: Elmer's glue

From:Connie McManus <>

I didn't mean to say anything to make those who like using elmer's
insulted or demeaned.  I appologize!  If anyone likes it and can use
it... great!  I just don't particularly like using it and find silinated
slides better.

Just my 2 cents worth... not wroth!  *G*

Connie McManus

>         Thank you Patsy!  I also felt some comments were a bit
> personal too. As for me, I am a novice at bone histology and trying to
> learn as I go along.  The Histonet is a great resource of wisdom and
> knowledge but perhaps we should remember that we are not all at the
> same level of experience and expertise. If I had all the answers I
> would not need to consult the Histonet.  Please be kind and
> considerate with your choice of words!  Maybe I am crabby today
> but.........................!!!!!
> Jennifer Hoover
> Eli Lilly and Company


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