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At 11:38 AM 5/9/01 -0600, Gayle Callis wrote:
>Hmmm, if there is bacteria in the glue, what are our children using to do
>messy gluey projects?! 

I remember eating this stuff when I was in grade school and I lived!  I
suppose that's the beauty of a good immune system!  *G*

After reading all the comments on glue, I find it amazing that I was told
to make elmer's glue slides for the unstained sections for our AFIP seminar
slides.  There was a sheet from the AFIP that told how to do it and that it
was acceptable.  What piqued my interest was that they mentioned this as a
secondary choice... they preferred the silinated slides.  I did the Elmer's
glue slides the first year I started working here (because I didn't know
where to get silinated slides at the time), but the next year I switched to
the silinated slides and have done that ever since.  No more glue!

Connie McManus 

>>It always amazes me how the same thing keeps coming around and around
>>Nearly 20 years ago, when Elmer's glue was used by more than a few 
>>people as a section adhesive, there were many complaints of bacteria 
>>on the slides.  These were ultimately traced to the glue.  The 
>>manufacturer had never intended the product to be used for this 
>>purpose and thus had no interest in assuring users that it would be 
>>With the diversity of specially treated slides,commercial adhesives 
>>and textbook formulations, stick (pardon the pun) with something 
>>known and reliable, as John Kiernan has already advised.
>>Aqua-Net hairspray used to be the #1 cytology spray fixative for Pap 
>>smears.  Anyone remember the turmoil when its manufacturer changed 
>>the formula (more than once)?
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