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I agree 100% with Dick Dapson's (and John Kiernan's) message(s)!  If I
recall, a publication was made about the contamination problem, and it was
banned from our labs YEARS ago. In fact, I think it could be stated that it
is considered POOR histotechnic to use Elmers glue as section adhesive. 

Hmmm, if there is bacteria in the glue, what are our children using to do
messy gluey projects?! 

>It always amazes me how the same thing keeps coming around and around and....
>Nearly 20 years ago, when Elmer's glue was used by more than a few 
>people as a section adhesive, there were many complaints of bacteria 
>on the slides.  These were ultimately traced to the glue.  The 
>manufacturer had never intended the product to be used for this 
>purpose and thus had no interest in assuring users that it would be 
>With the diversity of specially treated slides,commercial adhesives 
>and textbook formulations, stick (pardon the pun) with something 
>known and reliable, as John Kiernan has already advised.
>Aqua-Net hairspray used to be the #1 cytology spray fixative for Pap 
>smears.  Anyone remember the turmoil when its manufacturer changed 
>the formula (more than once)?
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