Re: Elmer's glue: Reflexions and Quexions.

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> John Kiernan repeats his - and my - endless screed about products with secret
> ingredients:
> >>It is important, however, to know what's in Elmer's "glue" before using it
> as a section adhesive in research or diagnostic applications. Has anyone
> asked Elmer?<<
> Elmer may be reached elsewhere in the Elmers Web site:
> Elmer, of course, is the consort of Elsie the Borden Cow. The Web site does
> not make clear whether Elmer's is presently a subsidiary of Borden's. I'd
> always assumed that originally Elmer's was a casein-based glue, but since
> Elmer seems steadfastly committed to not revealing any of his ingredients
> past or present, he doesn't mention any such thing.
> People and cows as long in the tooth (or horn) as I (and I just turned 62
> this morning) may remember that close to fifty years ago Elmer and Elsie
> presented the world with a calf, with a big contest to name the critter.
> The winning name was Beauregard. Obvious questions of endocrine ablative
> surgery were not addressed.
> Bob Richmond
> Samurai Pathologist
> Knoxville TN

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