Re: Elmer's glue: Reflexions and Quexions.

John Kiernan repeats his - and my - endless screed about products with secret 

>>It is important, however, to know what's in Elmer's "glue" before using it 
as a section adhesive in research or diagnostic applications. Has anyone 
asked Elmer?<<

Elmer may be reached elsewhere in the Elmers Web site:

Elmer, of course, is the consort of Elsie the Borden Cow. The Web site does 
not make clear whether Elmer's is presently a subsidiary of Borden's. I'd 
always assumed that originally Elmer's was a casein-based glue, but since 
Elmer seems steadfastly committed to not revealing any of his ingredients 
past or present, he doesn't mention any such thing.

People and cows as long in the tooth (or horn) as I (and I just turned 62 
this morning) may remember that close to fifty years ago Elmer and Elsie 
presented the world with a calf, with a big contest to name the critter.

The winning name was Beauregard. Obvious questions of endocrine ablative 
surgery were not addressed.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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