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From:Noel Moon <>

I use Cell Marque's E-Cadherin in the prediluted form and have excellent 
luck with it!  Maybe you could leave it on for a longer time period and 
titer it out alot?  If it was something that you could incubate overnight in 
a humidifier chamber, then I bet you could get 1:100 from it...just a 
thought.  I know that there are a couple of low-titer abs that I dilute 
heavily and leave overnight and run them as usual when I get in in the 
morning. If money is an issue, then you may have to consider this for a 
quality antibody.  The folks at Cell Marque are great to my lab...always 
helpful and willing to work with me. They are my primary antibody 
vendor...with the exception of a couple, but that's only because they don't 
carry those.  Incidentally, I was looking for a monoclonal kappa and lambda 
and they had it all along (thanks Laura!)

Thanks to all you histonetters for giving a helping hand.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!! I'm not even Latino, but I love those margaritas!


>Subject: E-Cadherin
>Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 15:01:27 -0400
>Hello Histonetters,
>My Pathologist would like me to get E-Cadherin up and running. Since we are
>having budget problems, I called around trying to get a free sample. Cell
>Marque sent me a sample, a .05ml tube. When I called their Tech Service to
>get a starting titer, they recommended a 1 to 5 dilution. That minute 
>not only negates my DAKO Autostainer but would be outrageously expensive 
>me.  I am using the Envision Plus detection system. Are any of you using
>this antibody? What company is your supplier? What is the dilution? Any
>suggestions are welcome.
>Theresa Rohr
>Section Head, Histology
>Nyack Hospital, NY
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