Re: Disposing of Towels?

From:Amos Brooks <>

    I worked in a lab that had a policy (which I vehemently and loudly
disagreed with) that unless the trash is saturated, to the point of
dripping, with blood it is not biohazard. (As if blood is the only thing
capable of transmitting disease) And, if the blood soaked trash came from a
formalin fixed specimen it is still not biohazard. This policy actually came
from the head safety officer of the company.
    It is possible to have extremely liberal policies about this, but it
doesn't make them right. I personally put all the trash that I used in
grossing into the biohazard trash. Often I found the contents dumped into
the regular trash.
    OK ... I'm moving on to the next subject, the very thought of that is
raising my blood pressure (grumble,grumble)
Amos Brooks

Subject: Disposing of Towels?
> We treat them as bioharzard waste. I agree with Becky - if you need
> and it has contacted blood, it should be treated as such.
> Erin Wrona, BS, HT (ASCP)

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