From:Connie McManus <>

We don't have this problem that you describe, however, I would bag such
paper/gauze, etc waste in biohaz bags.  That seems appropriate to me
because of the potential for pathogens.

for what it's worth,
Connie McManus

Lee & Peggy Wenk wrote:
> Have another question.
> How are labs disposing of the "paper waste" from the gross rooms?
> I'm talking about the paper towels, gauze and absorbent pads used in the
> gross rooms to absorb the formalin, blood, mucous, etc.
> It used to be, when tissues sat in formalin a long time before we
> grossed them, that we disposed of these towels, etc. in the regular trash,
> in a trash container than had a lid with a swinging door to keep the
> formalin
> fumes somewhat contained. This trash was then taken to a local
> incinerator, along with  the regular trash.
> (Please note: tissue was NOT put in this trash. Only the absorbent pads=2E)
> Got thinking about it the other day. More specimens are coming down fresh.
> Also, we now have more pick-ups throughout the day, so more
> specimens have been in formalin less than 30 minutes.
> So are these towels, etc. more of a biohazard and should be disposed of
> in biohazard bags, or is disposing with the regular trash still acceptable?
> I haven't checked with our epidemiology people. I don't know what
> the floors and EC do with their gauze with blood, for example. Would
> like to know what other pathology gross areas are doing.
> You can answer through Histonet, or you can answer directly to me at
> Either way, I'll let the Histonet community know the results of this
> inquiry.
> Thanks.
> Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
> William Beaumont Hospital
> Royal Oak, MI 48073


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