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If you are referring to the CAP Workload Recording System, this program was abandoned in 1992.
However, at that time, they alloted 13 minutes per slide for a two layer (indirect) ihc stain, 8.0 minutes per slide for a one layer (or direct) method performed manually (non-automated). There was no allocation for a three layer method ( i.e, primary ab plus secondary ab conjugated with biotin and then avidin-HRP, an one example). I don't know how, if at all, this compares to what you may be doingn in your lab in 2001. 

More importantly, you might encourage your manager to consider participating in a benchmarking program, the results of which will allow you compare your operation to others of comparable complexity and size. This data is apt to be viewed as more credible to higher administration than the use of data from a system that was abandoned nine years ago.

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>>> Histopathology Lab <> 05/02/01 02:54PM >>>
	Can anyone tell me the workload value assigned to IHC Procedures? I am at
a Vet School Lab and of we are not under CAP regs. However, our Laboratory
Manager does loosely use the CAP System to figure some charges and
staffing . Thanks

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