Re: Autofluorescent Cells

From:Bill Sinai <>

Try a quick dip in any haematoxylin soln.  If not required for staining
prposes about 5 secs will suffice.

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Subject: Autofluorescent Cells

> Hello,
> Does anyone know of a technique for blocking the cells in lymphoid
> which exhibit intense green (FITC wavelength) autofluorescence.  The
> material fluorescing seems to be very granular in appearance and is only
> minimally excited by rhodamine exitation-emmission.  I have not taken the
> time to identify what the cell type is, but I'm thinking macrophages and
> not sure if these cells are naturally autofluorescent AF or have acquired
> some AF substance.  I would appreciate any input on this problem,
> what it might be and if there is a procedure to block it.
> Thanks,
> Tim

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