Re: Alizarin Red

From:"J. A. Kiernan" <>

In my humble opinion your logic is 100% sound. Your enquiry
indicates (diplomatically, between the lines) that you have 
been asked to do something impossible by s@me p1mpLy y0uth 
or 0th#r 19norant 2werp 2doo 5oMeth1n& IM905518LE. You should 
refer this character to either a bookshop or the Histonet 
archives. Sorry if parts of th1s @mail are hard2 read. 
John A. Ki@rnan
Department of Anat0omy & Ce11 Bi010gy
The University of Western Ontario
London,  Canada   N6A 5C1
On Fri, 11 May 2001, Karen Bowden wrote:
> I have mouse knees
If you tell such a blatant lie, how can you expect a
serious reply?
> ... that I am going to decalcify and embed in paraffin so
> I can stain them with Saf.O to see GAG content.  I was asked to stain
> them with Alizarin Red to see calcium.  Now logic tells me that if I
> decalcify these specimens there would be no reason to use Alizarin Red,
> and since the mice will be 1 month, 3 months, and 8 months old I'm sure
> I would need to decal so I can section them.  Is my logic sound or would
> really get some kind of staining even after the calcium is removed?  (I
> can't MMA embed because of the Saf.O staining).

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