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We avoid this problem by ordering the demo unit through a no-cost purchase
order which specifically states that it is being brought in for
demonstration purposes only and we are under no obligation to buy the
machine being demonstrated.

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To: Clarke Ian; histonet
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Funny, we have this problem woth Ventana!
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> Liam,
> Be careful with the tender from the Optimax,They put a tender in with us
> along with Ventana ,so we had to try the Optimax against the Ventana as is
> required with the tendering process.However , Optimax had contacted our
> purchasing department and asked for the money up front for a trial
> to us, of #163#20,000 .
> During the trial we found that we got uneven staining and despite several
> attempts by Optimax we could not get the consistency/intensity of staining
> that the ventana had.We then found out that the purchasing department had
> paid the money out .Optimax were contacted to ask for the money back and
> have been in a battle ever since.We have the stainer in a store room
> gathering dust.You can come up and see it if you wish
> Ian Clarke
> Craigavon Area Hospital

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