RE: Re-using Bouins Fixative

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That's a great question.  Why throw fixative away after one use?  Why not
filter 10% formalin, Bouin's or whatever and re-use it?  I've re-used
Bouin's before with no problem.  The testicle didn't use up any single
component making the Bouin's useless as a fixative for the next testicle (I


James E. Staruk, HT(ASCP)
Mass Histology Service

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>Subject: Re-using Bouins Fixative
>Hello All,
>Has anyone out there had any experience in re-using Bouins
>fixative? We fix
>rat testes in quite adequate volumes  of Bouins for 24 hr. Normally, the
>Bouins is disposed of. Can the Bouins be used again to fix more testes in
>the same manner?  All help is appreciated. Thank You.
>Otis Lyght

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