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We are a small rural lab and (after a H&E) have traditionally sent requests
for H.P to our local (BIG)Medical Center for a modified steiner. H.P stains
black and stands out clearly against the background.

In an effort to get an inexpensive (and easy) in-house test we tried an
American Master Tech stain called "helicostat" which is basically alcian
yellow/toluidine blue stain, where the H.P stain dark blue against a lighter
blue background.

The time saved in doing the stain in-house was more than off-set by the
pathologists spending much more time examining the slides.

We also tried using the diff-quik method, but with similar results.

Maybe a case of getting used to something different, but we went back to the
modified Steiner, and are looking at ways of bringing that in-house.

Hope this helps

Tim Webster
Northwestern Medical Center
Fairfield Street, VT
(802) 524-1070

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The pathologist at our hospital would like to know what stain method the
labs are doing for H pylori.

Thanks for the feedback I'm sure to receive.

Louise Yarrow MLT
Foothills Hospital
Calgary,Alberta, Canada

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