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Well I don't know what is in the glue but I do know that when we do IHC for
collagen antibodies we get lots of background and a general reaction all
over the slide, not just where the tissue is, if we use glue coated slides.
We just always assumed that the glue was collagen based and that was where
our problem was coming from.  We do not have the problem with other non
collagen primary antibodies and we do not have this problem if we put our
sections for collagen IHC on reg. Plus slides without glue.  Go figure...
Enlighten us Bob and John.
Patsy Ruegg

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		The following is excerpted from the FAQ section of the
Elmer's website:

		 I have a milk allergy, are your products safe for me to
		Our products are derived from synthetic materials, not any
type of animal or
		milk protein. Of course, if you experience any
		kind of allergic reaction, be sure to check with your doctor
regardless of
		the type of product you are using.

		This should answer at least part of the question.  I had the
impression that
		John Kiernan is correct, that Elmer's Glue-All is a
polyvinyl acetate, but I
		can't remember why I think this.  Since I can remember being
taken to
		Madison Square Garden to see Elsie, Elmer and Beauregard, I
don't know why
		information I picked up as an adult should escape me.
Incidentally, Bob,
		can you remember the name of Elsie's teenage niece who lived
with them?
		That's escaped me too.

		Mark Ray
		EK Industries

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		> Elmers have a web site at their site
also provides
		> MSDS for their products although it is not exactly
forthcoming with
		> information about the exact contents of the various glue
types. The MSDS
		> page address is
		> Regards
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