RE: Cyclin D1

From:Bruce Gapinski <>

	I use the Cyclin D1 (bcl-1) clone P2D11F11 from Vector (Novacastra
Labs) cat # NCL-CYCLIN D1-GM. Antigen retrieval is EDTA. My primary antibody
dilution is 1:25. I incubate for 60 mins at RT 20 mins in BioGenex link &
label and 7 mins in substrate. 
	Hope this helps.
Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)
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		From:	Patty Kubier []
		Sent:	Friday, May 04, 2001 5:45 AM

		     What antigen retrieval method are you using for the
cyclin D1 from 
		Vector? What clone are you using?  Have you tried other
clones for cyclin 
		D1? I'm curious as to what you are doing because you state
you've never had 
		a problem with this antibody. Of all the antibodies I've
worked with, this 
		one has been the most challenging.
		      Thanks for any information that you may share with me.
		            Patty Kubier, HT(ASC) QIHC

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