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The CAP assigned 13.0 units to each slide stained. This included the time
spent manually handling the slide while doing prep work (AFTER sectioning)
and staining. note that there was no AR in those days, so it didn't include
that time. It made no allowance for automated immunos either.

FYI, the CAP workoad method had a mechanism to determine your own units. It
involved doing time studies. I don't have the books anymore, so I can't say
more than that about it.

I went to using raw numbers of hard items to count, rather than time units.
It just became too problematic with all the variations on procedures. by
hard items I mean actual numbers of cases, blocks, slides, stains, etc.
Things that no one can argue about. I found that very effective in proving
your workload.

Tim Morken
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	Can anyone tell me the workload value assigned to IHC Procedures? I
am at
a Vet School Lab and of we are not under CAP regs. However, our Laboratory
Manager does loosely use the CAP System to figure some charges and
staffing . Thanks

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