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If you have patient contact with patients of varying ages (particularly but 
not necessarily limited to pediatric and geriatric patients) OR if your 
work (e.g. procedures, laboratory reference ranges, alert values) varies 
according to patient age the Joint Commission quite reasonably requires 
than your competency testing specifically address differences in the 
procedures you may have to follow for patients of different ages. Judging 
from at least one posting I saw earlier there are some "managers" requiring 
people to invent stuff so that everyone in the hospital will have age 
specific competencies. If you have no procedures that vary according to the 
age of the patient and no patient contact, you probably can check this 
"does not apply". This lets the vast majority of histotechs off the 
hook--but not all.


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Recently someone wrote about an age related question for the Joint
Commission.  I was just asked to see if this would be pertinent to
Histology.  Does anyone have a clue


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