Newbie has a problem

From:Bonnie Wayne <>

I am having some difficulties with my histology work.  I have rat cerebellum
and brainstem embedded in gelatin, sliced, and stained with cresyl violet.
Things are going fairly well except two things.

1) The gelatin likes to curl.  The brain section (30 um) sticks
wonderfully but the excess gelatin loves to lift off of the slide.  I
tried cutting the excess gelatin off but then the brainstem wants to lift
slightly.  Any suggestions on how to get the gelatin to stick?

2) The cerebellum has some cracking of the tissue.  Thought you might have
some advice that could help me prevent this.

If I need to give you more details on the staining/subbing process, let me
know.  I really appreciate it.  -- Bonnie

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