Need help with Ki67 mouse

From:"Darren Hitchen" <>

Dear All,
		I've been trying to get Ki67 in mouse bone  to work for some time.
I use 4% Paraformaldehyde in PBS to fix the tissue (overnight) 
Decalcification in 125mM EDTA for 2 weeks.
Once embedded and sectioned I've tried heat induced antigen 
retrieval with citrate, EDTA, Trypsin. I seem to get no signal 
suggesting the pretreatment isn't working, and various degrees of 
background staining?
 Has anyone any performed Ki67 staining in mouse tissue?
Is there any other fixative that would work?
Any suggestions

Darren Hitchen 
Research Technician
Mr D Hitchen,
Room 2.205 
School of Biological Sciences,
Oxford Road,
M13 9PT

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