From:Laurence Reilly <>

Hi Histonetters,
Could anyone offer opinions on how to obtain good qualitiy muscle sections,
both cardiac and skeletal, to use for teaching normal histology.
The sections are to be stained with H+E. 
We would like to be able to demonstrate striations and intercalated discs
and I was wondering what fixation and processing others are using to
achieve these results.

Thanks in advance for your help.  Reegards,  Laurie.

Mr.Laurie Reilly 
Histotechnologist.                         Ph 07 4781 4468
Physiology & Pharmacology                 Fax  07 4779 1526
Aust.Inst.of Tropical Vet.& Animal Sc.    
James Cook University           
       Townsville  Qld. 4811                            

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