Manganese staining


Mn is usually  measured indirectly by differing combinations of urine,
blood serum,  hair samples, an  MRI, or monitoring the activity of
manganese-activated enzymes and metalloenzymes etc.  None of these
are perfect biomarkers.  John says if one is a good chemist, you might
able to made up a stain of permanganate like a Potassium permangate when
applied to a slide may glow purple( this is a guess).  I  also looked
stains in literature but did not find any, when I was looking at
Manganese often appears not to stay in tissue, rather leaves a trail of
damage which progresses after the withdrawal of exposure.

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> Hi Kathy,
> Was wondering if John could help with this inquiry?
> Patsy
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> Has anyone ever heard of staining for localization of manganese in
> tissue?  We have looked through our staining books and have come up
> nothing.  If anyone has ever heard of such a procedure, please share
> info you may have.
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