Dear Histonetters;
Here is a message from Belma Kocer I believe he wanted to send to the list. Please respond directly to him as I'm not sure if he is on the list. His address is 


Dear Sır\Madam

I am General Surgeon ın Turkey. I dıd two study related wıth MUC 5AC expressıon ın Colorectal carcınoma. I am tryıng to publısh my artıcle ın journal. 
I used monoclonal Antı-Human Gastrıc Mucın Clone 45M1(Sıgma).
Thıs antıbody recognızes the mucın epıtope "g" located
ın the peptıde core of gastrıc mucın. Although I read the artıcle related wıth thıs antıbody, I couldn't fınd what ıs the "g" epıtope. I wonder If you have any ınformatıon about ıt. Could you gıve any ınformatıon about what ıs the "g" epıtope and what structure the MUC 5 antıbody recognıze ın mucın.

Thank you very much.
Sıncerely yours.

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