Job opportunity at the University of Iowa

From:Karla Daniels <>

RESEARCH ASSISTANT I #39821 Biological Sciences $22,550-commensurate.
Initial advertising period ends 5/11/01. To conduct experimental tests and
procedures in a research laboratory; prepare and maintain supplies, cells
and tissues for experimental procedures; set up and operate laboratory
equipment; and record and consolidate research data. Requires a Bachelor's
degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry,
Microbiology, Physiology, etc.) or an equivalent combination of education
and progressively responsible experience, so that beginning-level research
in a biomedical science laboratory can be performed. Examples of such
knowledge include general chemistry (properties of solutions and
determination of pH and concentration), basic biochemistry (knowledge of
the properties of biological molecules, proteins, nucleic acids, etc) basic
animal anatomy, and use of a personal computer. Desirable: previous
experience as a lab assistant or technician in a research laboratory.
Knowledge of basic lab procedures such as preparation of biological
samples, media or reagents; cataloging, maintaining or organizing
laboratory supplies or reagents. Previous experience with cell culture or
tissue culture-especially neuronal and/or brain slice culture, histological
procedures, molecular biology techniques, fluorescence and/or confocal
microscopy, and gene transfer techniques. Send resume to: Janne Balsamo,
Department of Biological Sciences, The University of Iowa, 138 BB, Iowa
City, IA 52242-1324. 319/335-0180. Email: 
Karla Daniels, Ph.D.
Department of Biological Sciences
439 Biology Building
University of Iowa 
Iowa City, Iowa 52242
Phone  (319) 335-1064
FAX     (319) 335-2772

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