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On 15 May 01, at 11:58, Alice Czarnetzki, AOE wrote:

Dear Linda
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> Dear Histonetters; Here's a message from Charles Brown/ Please send replies to him as I'm not sure if he is on the list. His email is cbrown@niaid.nih.gov 
> Thanks. 
> I am currently at the NIH in Bethesda, MD and working with SIV and HIV
> research projects.  One of my new areas of research involves the role of
> macrophages in the SIV animal model and I wish to tag endosomes with GFP,
> inject them IV, and wait for the macrophages to engulf them.  My question is
> whether tissue samples from one of these labeled animals can be formalin
> fixed, paraffin embedded, sectioned and can the GFP be presered and
> localized with basic UV microscopy.  I'm not sure how "stable" the GFP is,
> and it would be great to see the directly labeled macs without having to
> resort to anti-GFP staining.
> As an alternative, I assume samples could be frozen in OCT and the
> cryosections should contain the GFP without much interference from tissue
> processing.

I worked with genetically engeneered gfp-tagged marker-genes in 
bacteria. to test them in the cryostat, i embedded gfp-marked 
bacteria in OCT, but the fluorescence decreased. The best method is 
to take a vibratome.

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bis bald alice

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