Embryo dishes,large staining dishes, DuraEdge knives

From:Gayle Callis <uvsgc@montana.edu>

Hi Russ,

Not seen the block, but dishes were sold here.

RA Lamb (www.ralamb.com) has embryo dishes per your description. A company
founded in England so you may have a contact there.  In USA,

Cat ref are E90 for 30 mm dish
            E91 for 45 mm dish

Bonus info:  This company had some large, deep glass staining dishes with a
vertical design so one could stack racks and do 48 slides at a time OR 55
to close to 100 slides in a run!  These deep staining dishes would be
wonderful for those doing huge bone slides, 4 X 5 inch size, brain
sections, etc. Impressive hand staining setups! 

Their pricing on teflon coated DuraEdge blades was great! and with volume

Not in sales, folks, but on a shopping spree in a well photographed catalog
that caught my interest!  Shop till I drop! 

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