Elmer's glue

From:Abizar Lakdawalla <abizarl@innogenex.com>

I was under the impression that Elmer's white glue was collagen based!
(embarassed) Abizar

Patsy.Ruegg@UCHSC.edu wrote:

> A good way to keep sections on the slides if you are not doing collagen
> markers (the glue interfers with staining) is to precoat the slides (reg.
> Slides) with a solution of 5% elmers type glue in water, dip the slides in
> this then let them air dry.  Pick up your sections onto the glue coated
> slides and dry them as usual, they stick really well, I use this for rabbit
> bones, but beware that glue is collagen based and will cause problems with
> some IHC markers.
> Patsy Ruegg
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>                 Subject:        BrdU in Unicryl??
>                 I'm relaying a question from a grad student:
>                 Limulus (horseshoe crab) was embedded in Unicryl and initial
> attempts at
>                 immunohistochemistry for BrdU haven't worked.  Has anyone
> done BrdU immuno
>                 work for light microscopy in Unicryl or similar media?  And
> does anyone
>                 have any suggestions for keeping 10 micron thick paraffin
> sections of
>                 Limulus (horseshoe crab) tissue on slides through IHC
> procedures?  Please
>                 make suggestions!  This if for a dissertation?
>                 Thanks in advance!
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