Elastin staining with eNOS staining

From:Kathie Berghorn <kab35@cornell.edu>

Dear Histonetters,
	I am in need of your collective expertise.  We would like to 
identify elastin in femoral muscle - stain it and then use a primary 
antibody to stain for eNOS.  The question is how to stain for elastin 
-- our first thought is to use a stain rather than a primary antibody 
for this.  We heard that Lawson's solution will do this, BUT I do not 
have a clue  about Lawson's solution.    I searched Histonet archives 
and Pubmed.  Could someone tell me about Lawson's solution?

	I also looked in John Kiernan's book and found van Gieson's 
method but after reading about it, I think it is more than we need. 
I would appreciate suggestions in tackling this.  Thank you very much.


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