From:THERESA ROHR <trohratnyackhospital@hotmail.com>

Hello Histonetters,

My Pathologist would like me to get E-Cadherin up and running. Since we are 
having budget problems, I called around trying to get a free sample. Cell 
Marque sent me a sample, a .05ml tube. When I called their Tech Service to 
get a starting titer, they recommended a 1 to 5 dilution. That minute amount 
not only negates my DAKO Autostainer but would be outrageously expensive for 
me.  I am using the Envision Plus detection system. Are any of you using 
this antibody? What company is your supplier? What is the dilution? Any 
suggestions are welcome.

Theresa Rohr
Section Head, Histology
Nyack Hospital, NY
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