the test begins with the specimen...tigergil

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How to submit a specimen for cytopathological or histopathological study   

This procedure is not a restricted professional activity, is audited on a 
global basis with
the entirety of the procedure, and is controlled by required collector slip 

1.  Obtain either a cytology or anatomical pathology slip….or sometimes both!

2.  Fill out the slip and complete all of the blocks (#17)    You must be 

a. Patient demographics  5   =  sex, age, dob, ss, umc 
b. Specimen data  3             =   site or source + date obtained  + ICD9 or 
c. Doctor 1 or 2                     =  attending or staff    +  resident =20
(not resident alone!!!)

3.  Bring together the label and container; attach the label, secure the 
and if small then place it in a cassette with sponges (I.e. gi 
biopsies),insert the
specimen into the formalin fixative, secure the top, check the label for its=20
data, and
place it in a bag, insert or attach the completed slip to the specimen bag, 
and be sure
everything is dry and tight. Send to the lab as a secure unit and put at the=20
collection site.
     a. when the container has fluid - check to see the fluid is 10% formalin 
and sufficient
     b. when the slip is put into the bag ensure the names match from the 
slip and label
     c. when there are multiple specimens, do one specimen at a time
     d. fresh specimens are sent without fixative, require direct handling, 
are not
Common Mistakes
      a.   big tissue+small container     consequence…tissue in center rots
b.  forget to tell what side it is from…..two sides : right and left
c.  use imprecise abbreviations or terms….i.e. poc rather than clot from 
d.  not using the ICD9 code if available….or a diagnostic designation.
e.  incomplete forms…..discipline yourself to fill all of the boxes.
f.  contaminated or blood slips….dirty slips should be put in plastic bags.
g.  using only the resident’s name and not the attending’s name also
h.  not telling the patient about what is going on…belittles scientific 
causes a lot of unnecessary stress, does not anticipate/prepare for the result
i.  batching delivery….alters the day time work load of the lab  - slows 
things down
j.  teeny weeny specimens…..communicate  with the pathologist regarding
sufficiency / and the goals of the biopsy
      k.   no site designated….occurs in 10% !!…..i.e. skin is not a site,  
right arm is a

Serious Mistakes
    Using the wrong label…usually in attempts to do two things at once   - 
    Holding the specimen and not getting it into processing right away=80i.e. 
             things are more important…air drying…..loss of specimen.
Friendly people to call for help :office 6212, 6213  histology Brandi 6224, 
                                                Primary source                
      Secondary source
Labels  and slips                         clerk                               
Slip holders                                clerk                             
Prefilled formalin containers      supply                                  
Containers                             nursing station                     
lab at 6224
Container bags                          nursing station      supply 

to submit a specimen

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