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I just came back from visiting with a person that I recently worked with, 
before I changed job. The conversations aways start out with "Remember the 
good old days and ends up with the things we precieve as being stupid or 
crazy" Thus my tale begins. "It was the best of times it was the worst of 

    He precedes to tell me that one day they ran out of acetic acid and had 
to call their sister hospital, which is in a different state both physically 
and mentally, to send them some.  The girl in the other department said, 
"Yes sir yes sir three bags full........"  As she is packing up 2/500ml 
bottles in their original styrofoam containers for a hospital courier to 
deliver, a department manager injuries as to what she is doing. The girl 
informs her of her intent to ship the acetic acid by courier to which the 
manager says, "Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin..." Which she actually 
She informs the worker tech That Safety Clean has to be called, and they 
will box it up and transport it the short distance of about 5 miles "over 
the hills and through the woods to......" the requesting facility. The young 
tech called Safety Clean they take the package as it is packed and place it 
in a 5 gallon metal container with styrofoam chips around the styrofoam acid 
container, slap some politically correct labels and ship it. Total cost to 
the hospital of 500 plus dollars.
      Now the funny part this same manager has ok"d the placement of yellow 
jacket traps ( a buck two ninety-eight device, very high tech) around the 
lab to take care of a very nasty "nat" problem the Lab has. For those of you 
who are unfamiliar with what a yellow jacket trap is I'll explain. It is a 
jar with a around triangular lid that will allow honey bees and other 
insects in to a source of sugar water, but does not allow them easy access 
out of the trap thus they end up dead in the trap. I really believe the nats 
may be coming from improperly fixed blocks and or tissue that is providing a 
breeding inviroment for potential sickness for these techs. I really don't 
belive that our routine run of the mill nat has evolved into a "Super bug 
that has become immune to ordinary biochemical war fare" Terminex or some 
other popular termite or bug control company for about the same price it 
would take to ship two bottles of acetic acid five miles. This capture and 
something short of release program, has touched my funny bone. I do not post 
this to condemn or praise it is meant to intertain those of us who have at 
least 2 brain cells left which are connected by a spirochete, and are 
capable of higher thought processes
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