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Thanks for responding to my questions so quickly.  Here are a couple of more 
questions to add to the plethora:

1.  What is the maximum amount of time one can fix in BB's when using the 
alcohol/xylene processing method?  Is there any difference in fixation time 
when using the standard method of processing?

2.  In the article it was stated that breast biopsies were always fixed in 
10% formalin to ensure the preservation of the estrogen receptor protein.  
Does BB's fixative have some affect on the estorgen receptor proteins"  If 
so, how?

3.  How many cassettes are being processed on a daily basis and how often 
are you rotating the reagents on the processor?  Is there any special 
maintenance that must be performed?

4.  We are currently using two older model VIP's in our lab, one of which is 
refurbished and was recently purchased.  Out of curiosity, which model of 
VIP is your lab currently using?

Thanks for you assistance.

Adrienne Vair MLT/BMLSc
Histology Supervisor
Medicine Hat Regional Hospital
Medicine Hat, AB
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