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Strace asked: "HELP me buy a Processor !"

I understand about those middle of the night calls from the lab. I live only
5 minutes from the hospital so 'they' tend to call me first when a processor

Having said that, I also have to say that we have two VIP 300's and the only
they have alarmed (not counting a hosp.wide power problem) it has been a
human error problem. A 'problem' recreated by the tech who loaded and
started the processors or by the tech who changed the solutions that day.

Since that will be YOU, then YOU can control the night calls or go
without sleep. hehehe

Question of the day:
"If a processor has so many mechanical problems that one needs a modem to
trouble shoot it from home, then who needs the processor?"

Our VIP's are 4 and 7 years old(about).

I would vote for the VIP.......

Note: thanks to the HistoNet I learned a neat trick for cleaning the

Yes, Hot water flushes every Monday using the first five(5) stations, BUT
they contain:

Step 1. 10% Bleach in hot tap water
         (add a removable piece of tape that says 'bleach' to the outside of
         container...other wise they all look alike, make sure you rinse the
         well (twice or more) in clean water BEFORE refilling with

Step 2.  clean hot tap water

Step 3.  5 % Acetic Acid in hot tap water
            (add removable tape saying Acetic Acid, and see step #1)

Step 4.  clean hot tap water

Step 5.  clean hot tap water

a. You only have to make up the 10%Bleach and the 5% Acetic Acid once...When
the first processor is finished, transfer those two containers to the other
machine, adding fresh clean hot tap water to numbers 2, 4 and 5.

b. Also if you will leave your metal cassette baskets in, they will come out
looking brand new.

c. Use a different container for the bleach each time you do this program.
The container will also look like new when finished.

Susan Owens - TX
(817) 261-7938
Fax (817) 548-9876


Date: 19 May 2000 18:06:12 -0500
From: "Stace. Burton" <> (by way of Histonet)
Subject: HELP me buy a Processor !

I am currently setting up a hist lab from scratch in a well established
hospital.  I will be the only tech for prob the next year or two.  When I
asked him, the pathologist I will be working with suggested that I get a
processor with a modem on it so that I can troubleshoot from my home
computer, if needed.
Every lab I can think of doing general histology, uses a Tissue-Tek, and
they all love them; however, they do not yet come with a modem.
Tissue-Tek's new model comes out 1-2001, but even if it will contain a
modem, I can't wait that long.  My question is:

Should I go with a Tissue-Tek VIP processor (do to the excellent reputation)
and take the chance of having only a phone call to wake me so that I have to
help a Med-tech over the phone troubleshoot or drive to the hospital myself?
Should I go against what everyone else is doing and get a Shandon or a
Ventana which has the modem which I can reach and troubleshoot, if needed,
from home?
OH and also;
What do you guess use and what would you change on it if you could?

Thanx in advance!  stacey  <>

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