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From:CMD1352@aol.com (by way of Histonet)
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We use Harris Hematoxylin with Acetic Acid, CMS/Fisher product, 3 3/4
minutes, pathologist loves it.
Stainer: oven - 12 minutes, then Xylene 2 changes, 2 minutes each; absolute
alcohol, two changes, 2 minutes each, 95% alc. 1 min; 80% alc. 1 min; tap
water, 2 changes.

(I am interested in knowing the timing others use on the stations for the
Leica Stainer. I am particularly interested in the
deparaffinization/hydration and the oven. Trying to cut down some of the
times if possible.

Also, does anyone use a commercial Hematoxylin that they really like in any
kind of H&E set-up? )

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