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"Jeff Crews"<jcrews@organo.com> on 05/17/2000 03:07:34 PM

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Subject:  Re[4]: Histogel Question

     I think that Histonet would get you many, many answers to these
     questions, but I'll answer the ones I can. I work in a research lab,
     not a hospital lab, so some things I do very rarely.

1.  Why is acid fast organisms a dark red/purple on tissue and a bright red
on sputum smears, is it due to the tissue thickness?

2.  Do you rinse  tissue stains under lukewarm water or a specific stain
under hot water.   Or does it really matter?

3.  Have you diluted Safranin stain in the Gram Stain?

4.  Why don't you rinse with water after the H & E stain?

5.  After you have placed a coverslip on tissue and placed oil on it,  how
do you clean the slide without removing the coverslip.  Xylene and lens
cleaner seems to leave a film.

6.  Why is Gill 3 both a progressive and regressive stain? Gill 3 is the
concentrated of the Gills.

I know that these are very basic questions, but they are so fundamental
that I can't find the answers.  I would greatly appreciate your time and



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