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Connie M. just wrote about the gremlins in full force when she spilled 2 
gallons of a very caustic chemical on her jeans, shoes and floor.  This is a 
example when all of your PPE wouldn't have helped at all.  Covered legs 
(nylons would have been a joke), socks and leather shoes that cover the 
entire foot saved her from painful chemical exposure. It doesn't matter if 
you wear scrubs or jeans - it is up to professional environment you are 
working in.  Period.  The most important thing is to cover yourself if you 
are going to be doing anything that possibly could harm you.  And I don't 
mean "that little cell of uterus" that could invisibly land on you.  It is 
interesting that some female pathologists come in to do gross in opened toe 
shoes or barefoot sandels.  It is definitely a "do as I say, not as I do" 
situation.  But in this case, I cringe.  I can just see a big juicy chunk of 
tissue or a scalpel blade land right on that bare skin or thin nylon 

Bec the Tec

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