curing Epon/Araldite with UV?

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From:Tamara Howard <>
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	Has anyone ever cured Epon-Araldite with UV? I was given a
cobbled-together protocol by a non-microscopist post-doc; the protocol
calls for a dry-ice, UV cure of Epon-Araldite. It says it can take from
3-7 days. I'm wondering if this is either a resin mix-up *or* the resin
just set up all by itself (over that time frame I've seen it happen), just
because it was a thin layer and left alone - nothing to do with the UV
exposure. She has no ref. for this technique and isn't sure now where she
got it. Sigh. I've only been able to find heat-cure protocols...anyone
have any leads or thoughts on this UV thing?

(Sorry about the cross-post for those of you on both of these servers)


Tamara (Planning to use the oven.....) Howard

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