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Hi All,
We  have a lab policy that states we must wear lab jackets when "working
at the bench", and they must be buttoned or snapped all the way except
for the top snap or button. We also have a policy stating that we must
"gown up" for grossing and or frozen sections, changing the processor or
dumping tissues. This means taking off the lab jacket, wearing an
impervious gown, mask, gloves and eye protection.  This is a bit much,
and is hot to wear, but I have had a co-worker actually get a formalin
eye splash and need to use the emergency eye wash station! Yikes!
(because she accidentally splashed herself while taking specimen
containers out of the bio-bags) We have never had any comments about our
lab appearal at all, but we did have one inspector totally ban radios in
the lab!! Ouch! Of course after the inspection they all come back out.
Good luck!  Kathy

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