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Hi, Histonetters,

We used to follow CAP guidelines for block and slide storage, but recently a
pathologist in our group decided to save blocks longer.  WAY longer!  25
years!!  Slides will be saved for 15 years.  And he wants ALL blocks saved,
since "you can never tell which disease will be studied next..."  Now, to
find the room to store them...

By the way, I'll also respond to the clothing etiquette in the lab.  Since
we are in private lab, the patients might see us as we run an errand up to
the front office or near the draw rooms.  So our pathologists have the
policy of scrubs, no blue jeans, no visable body piercing or tatoos.  That's
OK - scrubs are as comfortable as PJ's.  Oh, yes - one person in histoland
said that the CAP inspector said to get rid of the radio.  We cannot have a
radio playing in any part of the lab.  Several reasons:  differences in
tastes of music, distraction, and harder to communicate.  Only the cytotechs
get to wear earphones, so they can concentrate on their slides.

Bec the Tec
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