bax antibody : Modified Trichrome method for apoptosis

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From:Debbie Pepperal <>
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Dear Histonetters

Always questions ? questions ?  & the result is, we get so many answers :0)

* Is anyone using anti-Bax antibodies; either monoclonal or polyclonal, on
There are a few available, however, I want to cut to the chase, and get the
one which works the best, without too much of a hassle! {Typical, hey!}
The few I found are from : Zymed ( cat #18-0218), Pharmingen
(13666E)/(13686 E) and Santa Cruz ( SC- 526)/(SC- 7480). 
I need to use it on human tissue. I appreciate your assistance.

* A question regarding the modified Trichrome method for detection of
apoptosis. I have done a series of apoptotic techniques, TUNEL (
Boehringer) method ( not all the apoptotic cells stain), Caspase-3- IHC (
not very specific)and I have now tried this fancy trichrome method.(
Journal of histotechnology / vol 22, no 4 / Dec 1999 ). I also have the
modified method from P Emry  from the histonet files. My samples are human
lymph nodes.

 There was quite a bit of information a while ago, on the histonet,
regarding this trichrome method, it is where I got the information from. I
donot have much joy with this method. The apoptotic cells donot seem to be
staining the red colour it is supposed I doing somethin wrong ?
All the solutions have been made up fresh. Has anyone got any suggestions? 

Thanks in advance

Zenobia Haffajee
HAPS, Newcastle, Australia

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