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I don't wish to distract from Jerry Santiago's question but the answer to mine may impact what Jerry and others are doing.

Like Jerry (and others, I imagine), I am interested in exploring less expensive options (than the Hercept kit from Dako) to provide Her2 neu results. However, Dako is circulating a publication (Dako Hercept Test Facts) that indicates that many states will not reimburse for HERCEPTIN therapy (the treatment, not the test) unless the Hercept test is used to determine patient eligibility. The states that seem to have such a policy (according to Dako's publication) include:

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida (requires that only FDA approved tests are used), Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York (similar requirement to Florida) North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina,  South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming

This suggests to me that the use of less expensive antibodies to determine a patient's Her2 neu status may not be possible if the patient's treatment will not be covered.

I would appreciate a response from anyone who can shed further light on this.


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