TGF-beta 1 insitu hybridisation

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From:Tamara Pereira <>
To:'HistoNet Server' <>
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Dear histonetters

Our lab is trying to look at TGF-beta 1 mRNA expression by in-situ 
hybridisation but have had problems with 2 of the riboprobes we have used 
so far.  Has anyone else had experience with this technique, we would 
welcome the chance to talk.  And would anyone have a cDNA clone of human 
TGF beta 1 (or a cDNA clone of human TGF beta 1 inserted into a plasmid) 
which we could use to make a riboprobe?

Thank you


Tamara Pereira
Clinical Sciences Unit,
Queensland Institute of Medical Research
PO Royal Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane,
QLD 4029, Australia
Phone:  33620174
Fax: +61 7 33620191


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