Sentinel Nodes and Radiotracers

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From:"Janssen,Mark X" <> (by way of Histonet)
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I wasn't paying atention earlier, when the histonet had a series of
exchanges on how to handle raidoactive sentinel nodes and how  to deal with
the resected injected resected primary lesions, breast and melanoma.  Our
surgeons wern't using isotopes then, but they have begun (without telling

What should I know.  Thanks.
Mark Janssen, MD

By the way, thanks to everyone who helped with my "Histology for Dummies"
question three weeks ago.   We gave her the ASCP documents on tech
certification bound with a faux "Histology for Dummies"  cover, bejeweled
yellow cassette earings with gilded brass hangers, and a used US Surgical
Aanastamosis Anvil pendant (cleaned and bejeweled) on a silver (colored)
cord.  Also, a box of band aids and a 2 x 3.5 inch refrigerator magnet with
images of friends and colleagues.  (And a bird bath from K-mart, for her
home garden.)

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