Re computers for cytology

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From:"Clarke Ian" <>
To:"histonet" <>
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Dear histonetters,
                               Does anyone know of a computer software
program that would allow GP's, for instance, to input the patients details
,test required and  the history etc.. directly into the Laboratory computer
with limited access for the GP so that a bar-code could be produced . The
unique bar code would be placed on the slide ,in the case of cytology or
specimen container.No paper request form would be needed as all relevant
information should be placed on the computer by the GP so the responsibility
of the  patients details remains with the primary care group and not the
Lab.This would free up secretarial time in having to ring to confirm details
of the patient that the GP practice had omitted from the request form.I
think in Australia they use bar codes for Cytology /Histopathology  samples
Any details / URL's would be much appreciated as we are looking to upgrade
our present regional computer system and would like to know if the above
would be possible.

Ian Clarke
Cytology/Histopathology Department
Craigavon Area Hospital

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